Tips for Keeping Little Ones Warm

We are currently experiencing some of the coldest temperatures I can remember. I have a four month old baby, but absolutely love being outside in the winter and I am determined not to let the cold stop us! We've already been on several wintery outings and so far he has been happy and warm. I think it's good to get him used to getting bundled up and going outside at a young age. I'm planning on taking him skiing next year when he's 18 months, but for this winter he'll be sticking to the stroller or backpack. I want him to have as much fun as possible which means he needs to be as warm as possible! Here are a few tips that have helped us keep the little dude toasty:
  • Keep that diaper dry! It's no fun getting your bum changed out in the cold air (I don't know from experience, but that is my assumption), but it's worth the 30 seconds of being uncomfortable to be warm. Can you imagine how cold you would be if your bottom layer of clothing was all wet even if the top layers were dry? We've figured out how to change Beckett in the front seat on Mark's lap without ever opening a car door. It's kind of hysterical.
  • Don't get cold to begin with. If you get cold while you're getting ready, it's very hard to ever get warmed up. When we're about 5 minutes from our destination I start to form a game plan to get everyone ready as efficiently as possible. For example: when we get there Mark gets his warm stuff on and then gets out of the car to get the stroller and other baby stuff together. I try to get Beckett's hat and gloves on in the car, and then spend the smallest amount of time possible putting his coat or snow suit on. I'm usually the last one to get my coat and stuff on because I'm more concerned about Beckett being warm, so sometimes I get cold before we even get started. It's ok though, as long as he's warm. That's what being a Mom is all about right?
  • Always wear a hat. No matter what, keep their feet, hands, and most importantly..... their head covered. These are all the places your body heat can escape very quickly. If your head and your feet are warm, then chances are the rest of you will be warm! I like the hats that velcro under their chin(s). It keeps their ears and cheeks warmer, and it won't fall off. Little beanies are sometimes cuter, but they don't stay on as well!  
  • Warm babies are like onions. Layers, layers, layers! Beckett is a little heater. Twice in the past week he has been crying and I didn't know why. Once I took his coat off he stopped crying, let out a big sigh, and looked at me like "you ding dong... finally". It's good to have a few layers to adjust as the weather changes or if you'll be going back and forth between outside and inside.
  • Blankets don't always work. Blankets are a great way to stay warm in a stroller, but if you're going to be holding your baby they don't work well at all, especially if your baby is mobile! Blankets can start to fall off and you don't even realize it if you are holding them. Even if you think the blanket is wrapped around them it's easy for little gaps to open up and let the cold air in. And they are especially hard to keep on if you're going to be carrying your baby around. I love the over sized snow suit/snow sack things. I don't know what that are called, but it's basically like a mummy bag with arms and a hood. They button or zip up, cover their hands, and you don't have to be constantly re-wrapping blankets and trying to make sure they are covered. I bought two from Kid-to-Kid and they weren't expensive at all!
The best way to know if your baby is warm is to feel their chest and tummy. If they are too hot or too cold you will be able to tell. Now bundle up, get some fresh air, and go enjoy winter!