4 Month Summary

I feel like the first several weeks Beckett was changing and doing new things daily. The past month there hasn't been any drastic changes, but he definitely keeps growing!

His eating habits haven't changed much. He still takes three 6 oz. bottles whiles I'm at work. Once in a while he has a weird day and takes 4. I nurse him before work, 3 times in the evening, and sometimes once in the night. That's usually 8 times a day. I feel like he eats a lot for a four month old, but he obviously has a lot of growing going on! He seems to be gaining one pound every two weeks, and weighs 18 pounds right now! 

If I had secret hopes about my baby having one particular trait, it was that they would be a good sleeper.  I have been very lucky; it isn't perfect, but it's very good. When we were on vacation he woke 3 times a night and continued to do that for about 5 nights after we got home. When he was first born I had no problem with waking up that often, but now that my body has remembered how great getting consistent sleep is, it was really wiping me out! Luckily he has gone back to sleeping through the night or waking up just once. He takes 5 naps a day and they are anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending on the nap and the day. Bed time is at 8:00 and I'm always hopeful he will sleep until 6:45 so I can get ready for work, but sometimes he wakes up at 6:00. Those days my clothes generally don't match or I may be wearing make up on only one eye. 


I feel like he is SO close to rolling over. He could do it if he tried, but he just doesn't really care to..... or doesn't know that he can. I keep trying to teach him, but he just seems more interested in gnawing on his fists. We have gotten a few laughs out of him and those moments are the best. Tummy time is getting better. He can prop up on his elbows now which he likes because he can look around. It still doesn't last very long though. He can hold his head up well enough now that he can play in the saucer, bouncer, and face forward in the pack. And his newest discovery..... bathtub splashing. 

All of his clothes are either 6 or 9 months. It won't be long before he is wearing clothes for a one year old. I love my little chunky monkey!


This week I drank hot chocolate made with milk. He hasn't been fussy at all.... but I'm noticing a lot more dirty diapers. I think he can handle dairy better than he used to, but that he is better off without it. I will continue my ice cream fast.... tear. I am constantly amazed at how much food I have been eating, yet I weigh less than I did before I was pregnant and I still seem to be losing weight. If you don't believe me let me tell you what I ate today. Breakfast: Oatmeal and a granola bar. Second breakfast: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, licorice and several mini snickers. Lunch: 1 1/2 chicken breasts, cous cous, and another granola bar. Second lunch: pita chips, hummus, and more mini snickers. Pre dinner: bell peppers, hummus, and an orange. Dinner: quesadilla. Dessert: two Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Bed time snack: cup of cereal. Typing all of that made me hungry again.


I have days where I miss Beckett like crazy and work never seems to end, and I have days that work just flies by and it feels like we were hardly apart. Sometimes the evenings just don't seem long enough and I'm sad when it's time for him to go to bed. Some evenings just seem to drag on forever and we are both bored of the usual things we do around the house and it makes me wonder what on earth we would do all day if I did stay home. Every day is different, but in general things are going very well. I'm very to-do list driven and I've made a rule for myself that if it can't get done while Beckett is sleeping, then it isn't important enough to do. So far he sleeps enough that I have plenty of time to accomplish everything I want to and still have down time too. My crock pot dinners have been saving me a ton of time, but I'm starting to miss some of our old favorite recipes. I need to look for new crock pot recipes because things are starting to get a little repetitive. 

His routine is pretty much the same. Eat, stay awake for 60-90 minutes, then sleep anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending on the nap, and repeat. His naps aren't at the exact time each day, but the cycle and morning and night routines stay the same. It's nice to have some flexibility during the day, but know what he needs when he gets fussy. I have been thinking that 5 naps was a lot and he would drop down to 3 or 4 soon, but after doing a little research it sounds like he might stick with the 5 naps for a few more months.