Beckett's Not The Only One Getting Chubby

I think the slope to gaining weight after having a baby is a very easy one to go down. I am home a lot more which usually means I snack more. I have less time than before. When I do have down time I don't feel bad not really accomplishing because I'm spending time with Beckett and that's more important than anything I could be marking off my to do list. Nursing makes me HUNGRY. I don't like to spend a lot of time cooking anymore, now I plan meals based on simplicity and convenience. The list could continue. These things make it harder to stay healthy, but I do not want them to be excuses. I don't want to be in the mind set that because I had a baby it's ok to be less active and not watch what I eat. If anything, it's more important for me to be healthy now than ever before. I want to wake up ready to keep up with my kids. I want to run, play, and explore with them. I want to teach them healthy eating habits and to love good nutritious food.

That being said, I am getting chuubbbbyyyyy. I weigh the same as I did before I was pregnant, but I don't look the same. It doesn't matter what the scale says, I definitely have less muscle and more fat now. I have worked out twice since Beckett was born. Two very pathetic work outs. I am consuming more Golden Oreos than anyone knew was possible. I tell myself that because I'm nursing and constantly starving it's ok to eat whatever I want. When I didn't eat a lot of junk, I didn't care for it. I never drank soda, rarely had fast food, and I loved fruits and vegetables. Now I'm learning to love soda, I crave sugar, and I'm eating more carbs than you would believe. I know nursing burns more calories and I need to eat more, but I need to eat more nutritious food that will fill me up so that I'm not turning to snacks and treats 10 minutes after lunch. Ok fine I even want a treat after breakfast.

I can see how easy it can be to make excuses, but I'm determined not to let that happen. Starting now I'm going to eat larger, nutritious meals instead of eating an ok meal and then snacking my day away. If I want a snack (which I know I definitely will), it's going to be fruits and vegetables. I haven't figured out exactly how yet, but I'm going to work out at least three days a week. I know that I can make time for it, I just need to figure out when it will be the best and what type of workouts I want to do. I love my jogging stroller, but it's getting cold. And let's be honest, the one time I did go running I was miserable. Not only because I'm more out of shape than I've ever been, but jogging and nursing do not seem to go together. Some mornings Beckett wakes up earlier than others. I can totally take advantage of that and fit in some push ups and lunges. And on the days that it is warm outside I would love to go on a walk (and someday a run) with him when I get home from work. I know if I just add working out into my routine again it won't be hard to do, but starting back up is much harder than I thought it would be!