On The Edge of Summer

I have six work days left and then our summer officially begins, but we've been enjoying the sun plenty already. Beckett has been in a swim diaper more this week than a regular diaper (or in the nude). We've been hiking, riding bikes, riding the motorcycle, running through the sprinkler, and eating Otter Pops like nobody's business. 

Beckett graduated to a forward facing carseat today. He's been in his rear facing infant seat since he was born, and with his second birthday almost here, it was time. The best part: the cup holder. 

I've been pretty busy with my photography lately which is great. I feel like I've improved a lot in the last year and although I still have SO much to learn, my business is growing. With so many pictures of other people to take and edit, I've noticed I haven't been using my camera day-to-day like I used to. One of my goals this summer is to keep my camera out and use it often. I also blog less when I don't have decent pictures to use, or I resort to using so-so pictures from my phone like the ones above.

Another summer goal: work out every. single. day. Right now I've been averaging 3 days a week which I thought was ok, but the scale told me otherwise the other day. I'm having the hardest time justifying paying for a decent gym membership that includes childcare and classes, so I need to be creative and motivated to incorporate working out with a toddler. I will continue to run twice a week (even though I loathe it with every fiber of my being), hike once a week with friends from work, and then do yoga/strength training on the other days. I wish I could just do yoga every day and throw out the running part. 

I've started a new "label" on my blog: Toddler Talk. With Beckett's vocabulary growing daily, I have a feeling I'm going to start having some pretty funny things to write down in the near future. His first funny words happened last week. He had a little diaper rash and so I had to use diaper cream which burns a little when he has a rash. When I put it on he said, "Spicy spicy!" Hahahahaha I can't wait for the sentences to begin.