Potty Training

I usually make time to blog no matter what's going on, but lately I haven't kept up. My summer break doesn't officially start until the end of the day tomorrow, but I already feel like summer is here and we are playing hard! Getting a season pass to Cherry Hill was probably the best decision of the summer. Beckett absolutely loves it and I can tell we are going to go a lot! We've also been to the zoo, splash pad, park, and hiking. We eat the majority of our meals outside, and only come in the house for diaper changes and nap time. 

Speaking of diaper changes.... we begin potty training in just a few weeks. I can tell Beckett is ready to begin now, but we have a trip coming up and I think it's best to wait until we get back. I really thought I would wait until after he is two, but he is showing so many signs he is ready. He is starting to hate wearing a diaper. He knows when he goes to the bathroom and asked for a new diaper. He loves to sit on his little toilet and go "bee bee". And he uses the toilet several times a week without a problem when it's bath time. 

I checked out "Toilet Training in Less than a Day" from the library after several recommendations from friends. At first I was a little freaked out about buying an anatomically correct boy doll for my son to potty train, but after reading the book and several reviews on Amazon I really like the method. Potty Scotty is currently hiding under my bed and I'm slightly afraid he is going to murder me in my sleep. The book is also quite entertaining because it's from the 70's and uses some terms that are politically incorrect and inappropriate by today's standards which keeps you laughing. It suggests several times that I keep rewards and treats in the pocket of my apron like it's just a given that I am wearing an apron all day every day. I don't even own an apron hahaha. Even though the book is old, it makes a lot of sense and everyone says it works, and it works fast, so I'm going to give it a try!