Man of the House

Beckett takes very good care of me while Mark is away. He travels for work quite a bit, and we've started to get pretty good at hanging out on our own. Beckett mows the lawn and kills the spiders, I cook us dinner and read the bedtime stories. We've worked out a pretty great system. The problem is we eat cereal for dinner, and I spend my evenings watching endless episodes of Revenge on Netflix. Darn you Netflix and the way you automatically start the next episode. 

I take back what I said a few posts ago that playing music was helping Beckett go to sleep without his binky. He cried for 45 minutes before bed the night that I wrote that. It's been two weeks now, and I think it's safe to say he is back to normal.  He hasn't asked for the binky in several days, and he's consistently going to sleep without tears and without music. I thought the transition would be 3-4 days, not 2 weeks. I don't regret giving Beckett a binky to begin with because it was such a life saver so many times. And I don't regret taking it away when I did. I may even do it a little sooner next time around.