Rainy Day on Timp

Going through Timpanogos Cave was one of the things on my summer bucket list. You have to purchase tickets a few weeks in advance, and we weren't about to let the rain ruin our fun and keep us inside. It seems like it has rained more this spring than any other spring I can remember. My theory is that as long as you are prepared with the right clothes, there is no such thing as "bad weather". Any weather is better than staying inside all day. So we loaded up our rain coats and headed to Timp. 

Although it rained the entire time, we didn't get very wet on the way up. It was just a misty rain that kept us cool. It began to rain harder on the way down, but we didn't mind because Beckett was snoozing away and we were on our way to the heater in our car. Beckett loved riding in the back pack as usual, and I didn't get near as winded as I thought I would. Maybe my weak sauce attempt at running during the week is starting to pay off. 

Because of the rain I didn't take my good camera so we don't have any decent pictures from inside the cave. Beckett was a little rambunctious and wanted to climb on every rock, which of course is not allowed inside the cave. He enjoyed all the stairs we got to climb and the "tunnis" (tunnels) we went through. 

The misty rain was so peaceful and very fitting as Mark shared stories with me of the times his Grandpa and Uncle RJ spent at Timpanogos. It's a place close to his heart because RJ passed away while working on the trail a few years ago. I'm so glad we went and didn't wait for the sunshine. I would love to hike further than the cave and to the top sometime soon. I don't think we'll be doing that with Beckett on our backs though (and by "our" backs I mean Mark's back).