Binky Update

And you thought reading about Beckett's sleep schedule when he was a newborn was boring..... well now let's talk some more about binkys. 

This house has been binky free for one week now.... and here are my thoughts: (click here to read about the first night without a binky). The first night was not so bad because we kept Beckett up almost two hours past his normal bed time and he was exhausted so he went to sleep quickly. The next two days were not bad because it was the weekend and we were busy busy busy, and we drove a lot so he always fell asleep in the car. Then Monday came and it wasn't so easy. It took Beckett a good 45 minutes to fall asleep for naps and bed time. He would play a little, cry a little, I held him a little, and repeat. I felt bad for him because he was frustrated that he wasn't falling asleep, and I missed my instant me time when he went to bed. And then I had an idea....

Beckett has always loved music. He's been dancing longer than he could walk, and he'll stop what he's doing to dance the second he hears a song. One night he was having a particularly hard time falling asleep; I turned on piano music and he was out almost instantly. I thought it was most likely a coincidence, but it's been working like a charm since! He falls asleep in just a few minutes; it's wonderful.