Finger Painting

Last week we celebrated Mark's birthday and Mother's Day. Beckett was busy making pictures with his finger prints all weekend. We did this little balloon card for Mark, and made fingerprint trees for his Grandmas. I got a new lens for Mother's Day and I can't wait to use it for my next session coming up. 

Beckett has done pretty well without his binky. The previous two nights have taken him close to an hour to fall asleep. I'm hoping by the end of the week he will be back to normal. He asked for it all weekend, but today he hasn't at all. I'm glad we didn't wait any longer to get rid of it; he was starting to become very attached. 

A few of Beckett's latest words:

Uh huummm! = We're home!
Coooo = Cool
My eyes (He says this when the light is too bright)
Ouse = Mickey Mouse
Cuios = Curious George
Weee = Park
My Jatch = My jacket
Mammy - Grandma
Grampop or Pop pop = Grandpa