Little Chunk

  • Today I am putting all of his newborn clothes in a box. He is officially a little chunk! 
  • I used to do 2-3 loads of laundry once a week if even that. I didn't know having a baby meant I would be doing 2 loads of laundry multiple times every week! 
  • Zantax is our best friend. It got me through pregnancy and now baby Zantax is saving the day for Beckett. Reflux is the worst and it's really helping him! 
  • After working my hardest to coax a smile out of him yesterday, I had little success and probably ruined my vocal cords trying to talk so high. Mark comes home from work and holds him for 30 seconds before getting a giant smile. I can't be mad that he loves his Dad I guess. Maybe I'm just trying too hard.
  • Every morning between 5 and 6 he gets terrible gas and grunts and cries. Sometimes he doesn't even wake up, but he is obviously in pain off and on for an hour. I wake up and pump his legs and try to help him, but it makes me super sad to see him struggling. I've tried gas drops, but they didn't seem to make a difference. It's weird to me that it's at the same time every day, and that he doesn't have this problem any other time. If anyone has experience with this and knows what could help please let me know! It breaks my heart every time, and I would definitely love that extra hour of sleep!
  • I thought I would take advantage of being at home these two months and get back to working out. I have very little desire and my bones and muscles are rusty as ever. If I can't even find the motivation now, I highly doubt I will once I'm working again! 
  • We're starting to get on a more predictable schedule. The day time fluctuates depending on if we are home or out, but night time is pretty much the same. He sleeps best in the car and out running errands so I try to do that during his nap times. At night he is still waking up twice to eat, but then he goes right back to bed so it isn't bad at all! Baby Wise says something around 80% of babies will be sleeping through the night between 7 and 9 weeks. I've got my fingers crossed!