Sledding and BBQ's

I will never get tired of sledding as long as I am still able to climb up hills. We went sledding with Mark's family in Kamas. I wasn't feeling too well so I played photographer and I caught some great pictures!

Meet my family's dog Tasha. She sleeps like a weirdy.

After the park Mark and Murphy had a little nap in the sun.

I was sitting on the couch and decided to sketch a picture of Mark and Murph.

I can't believe you fell for that. It's the Cartoon Camera App on my phone. 

Utah is a crazy place. One day it's snowing like the North Pole. The next day it's beautiful, sunny, and we're sledding through powder. The next day it's 60 and we're outside barbecuing our dinner. I'm starting to get excited for summer!


Vicky said...

Those are totally awesome pics. I bet they're glad you weren't feeling well! :)