I've been pretty music hungry lately. I get tired of things very quickly so I'm always looking for new music to get me through my drive to work. Except for The Civil Wars; I have, and will continue to listen to them on repeat for hours. My post on Facebook requesting suggestions for new artists or songs was quite unfruitful. Therefore, I am trying another avenue and asking for any music suggestion you might have on my blog. If you have any thoughts, send them my way!

If you are looking for music you may not have heard before, hate country, and have a lot of time to waste right now, then this is the post for you. Here are some songs I can't get enough of lately.

Iron and Wine- Boy With A Coin
This is currently my ringtone. There is a repetitive rhythm, but in a soothing, sleepy sort of way. It makes me want to go camping and sleep under the starts.

Kina Grannis- Valentine
I love Colbie Caillat, but I'm tired of her. Here is a good replacement. Kina is way chill, writes her own music, and sings about girly stuff in a not-so-Taylor-Swift kind of way.

Fun.- Some Nights
It's like a Queen meets Mika party in your ears. I think everyone is getting pretty familiar with their song, "We Are Young" which is awesome, and the acoustic version is even better. This song is my second favorite on the album.

Birdlips- Some Kind Of Death
Birdlips are not popular enough to have any good quality recordings on You Tube so you'll have to go to this link. I promise you, contrary to what Mark thinks, their songs are wonderful. I listened to their entire album on repeat while walking to and from class my senior year of college.

The Wailin' Jennys- Long Time Traveler
The harmonies in this song give me goosebumps. 

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros- Home
Thank you Pandora. I am having a love/hate relationship with this song right now. I turn it up every time it comes on, but each time I feel like there is something about it I don't like. Then I listen to it again to figure out what it is, and again, and again....

Citizen Cope- Healing Hands
Not many people are familiar with him, but Citizen Cope has been one of my favorites for several years now.

Amos Lee- Windows Are Rolled Down
One of my biggest regrets not going to this concert at the Depot last year. Amos Lee speaks to my soul people.

Brook Fraser- Something In The Water
I don't know anything about Brook Fraser or any of her songs besides this one, but I want to take off my shoes and play in the mud when I hear this song.


-Mallori said...

I LOVE that last song!

I've lately been in a big The Black Keys kick...Everlasting Light being one of my faves, along with Howlin' for You. But to be honest, I'm probably on the kick because I'm going to their concert next month. But I haven't heard a song of theirs that I don't like.

Vicky said...

Loving Fun. and The Wailin' Jennys. Have yet to listen to the rest, but I'm sure they're kick-arse.