I remember when we were trying to decide when to have a second baby, calculating how long it would be until Beckett had a little brother or sister he could play with. By the time I had been pregnant for 9 months, and then waited at least a year for the baby to be somewhat interactive, it was going to be at least 2 years before Beckett had a little friend! It seemed like forever, but man, has it come quickly! 

I've said this before, but the first year is really hard for me. Not in a postpartum depression kind of way, but in an exhausted, tired of holding a baby kind of way. I know it sounds awful. There are so many baby snuggles and sweet moments that I love, but overall, the constant rocking, bouncing, nursing, waking, spitting up, etc..... is not my favorite stage. One baby wasn't too bad because whenever he was asleep, I had some time to myself. But two babies? There is no such thing as time to yourself. Even if one is asleep, you can bet money that the other one is awake. It's a whirlwind of overwhelming love, overwhelming tiredness, messes, and laughs. 

But today, as I sat on the beach and watched my kiddos play together, I realized how easy everything suddenly seemed. We all had a great night's sleep, we left the house with 1 diaper, and zero cups, nursing pads, or baby food pouches. Beckett went to the bathroom and put his shoes on by himself before we left. Nolan only put a handful of sand in his mouth once. They spent a solid 20 minutes sitting in the waves, filling a little boat with mud, and laughing together about their clever game. And I sat back and watched with tears in my eyes. I'm not sure if they were tears of sadness because they are growing up so quickly, or tears of joy because I got to sit on the beach and enjoy the sun without a single interruption for solid 10 minutes.