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I know I talk about my dog a lot, but we have just reached one of those life milestones similar to turning 16 or graduating high school. Murphy no longer requires someone to come walk him while we're at work. His bladder and ability to behave for 8 hours is pretty impressive for an 11 month old dog. I think I might get some hate mail for this post. I know some people say that dogs shouldn't be kenneled or left alone all day while their owners go to work. Real people have to work in real life though. And I promise you, Murphy gets more exercise than many dogs that roam a back yard the majority of their days. Dogs like routines, and he seems to be just fine with his. Murph sits in a heated apartment, chillin' on the couch and chewing on ropes while we're at work. He would probably be happier living on a farm or in the jungles of Africa, but I think he's got it pretty good.

I've started getting up at 5:00...... 5:00 AM..... as in before the sun has even thought about rising. I take Murphy for a run. After work he goes for a long walk or to the dog park. This monster has energy and he is helping me burn off all the treats I keep consuming. Another benefit to not having someone come walk him at lunch is the buckets of money we're saving. Not buckets, but $20.00 a week. $20.00 a week = $80 a month = 2 Jamba Juices, a pair of shoes, jeans, and some earrings. Totally worth getting up a bit earlier. So the moral of the story is: getting a dog makes you skinnier and richer. (Obviously having a dog costs money, but I was hoping my fancy equation would throw you off and you wouldn't notice).


Lara Kennard said...

I will not judge you for leaving Murphy. We leave Chester during the day too... It's just how it has to be! I think it's awesome you get up and run at 5:00 AM too! Maybe if I went to bed before 11:30 every night I could possibly do that too? You inspire me Jamie!

Claire said...

Murphy is a lucky boy, like you say, there are people who have dog 'ornaments' that don't walk them and keep them in those cages when they dont even go to work. That annoys me.

Clayton And Leslee Family said...

Yes your dog has it so good!! We did the same thing with our Puppy back in the day when he lived inside with us. Now he's a big Hunting Dog that lives in his Very well built Dog house that stays very warm. Winter gets hard to get him worked out but he does go on snow shoeing adventures with my hubby. And in the summer her goes Hunting. And when I'm feeling up to the pain of controling him on my runs he will go with me too. YOU ROCK for getting up at 5! I get up that early only twice a week.....Wednesdays for a long run and Saturdays for a longer run....yuck! but you end up feeling good the rest the day! Keep it up!! Hope everything else is going well.