Summer- 31 Weeks

Prego work out clothes are hard to find. Maybe that's because pregnant people just don't love working out like the rest of you. We do it because we must. 

When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to avoid the types of pictures as shown above, but that I wanted lots of pictures while I was pregnant to still document things. My plan was to take pictures of the fun stuff we like to do and not avoid the camera even if I'm not feeling my best. It turns out we don't do anything worthy of taking pictures anymore, so cell phone picture in the bathroom mirror with tooth paste splatters is what I have succumbed to. It's not that we don't have fun anymore, it's just a new kind of fun. After work and weekends used to involve mountain biking, tennis, swimming, and camping. Now our new kind of fun involves picking out curtains for the baby's room, finding new ways to sit so my back doesn't hurt, updating our registry, and the relief we get after looking at our new baby-involved budget and realizing we're not going to die after all. Yay for fun summer activities! I just can't really do the things I love anymore and I haven't figured out what to replace them with. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate watching TV and movies? I just HATE it. Not that I think TV is bad or that the stories aren't entertaining, but I can literally feel my brain turning to mush and the size of my butt print on the couch getting bigger with each passing moment. When Mark and I watch a movie (even if it's a good one) I'm usually editing pictures or doing something else at the same time. I just can't handle sitting there that long. I like to believe that this is also why I don't love reading. It has nothing to do with my lack of love for learning or that I can't handle mature, adult hobbies. So if I don't love TV or reading and I can't really do things that are categorized as "active", what do I do all day? Yoga, try new recipes (2 huge pinterest fails so far, I hate their trick pictures), take the dogs to the park, hang out with my family, photography, shopping, and lots of house projects I've been saving up. This is probably the last time in my life I will have all the time in the world to do whatever I please, but I kind of miss work already and it's only been a week. Next summer I'll be loving the time I get to spend with Beckett taking him swimming and to the mountains, but this summer is just....... long, hot, and full of anticipation. I do get to hang out with these cuties though....