Married Friends

Finding your best-friend-love-of-your-life-soul-mate is hard enough, but finding the perfect couple to be your "married friends" is way harder. You have to find not only two, but four people that are compatible. Four people that get along, like to do the same things, have a similar sense of humor, and that don't bug each other. Let's just face it.... some people bug.

I met this grandpa man at the dog park tonight named Burger. First of all, our dogs were instant best friends. That's a sign right there. Then he told me all about how him and his wife love to hike, camp, river raft, and go to the Uintahs. Then he told me he liked BYU football. I knew the four of us were destined to be married friends. But he's like my Grandpa, and he has kids older than me. I wanted to invite them over for dinner and to be our BCFF (best couples friends forever), but I knew after we talked about the mountains and our dogs the conversation would turn awkward rather quickly. "Who is Frank Sinatra and Doris Day? My Grandma always talks about them. Let me show you my new favorite song by Flo Rida. This one is the shiz yo." Not that I like Flo Rida, or the word "yo", but you see the point.

Wanted: Couple who.....
-Lives in the Salt Lake area.
-Is between the ages of 20 and 30.
-Doesn't have to have kids home and in bed by 9:00.... or really just doesn't have kids.
-Wifey likes to talk about more than Pinterest and Forever 21.
-Husband enjoys football, basketball, or any other thing that ends in "ball".
-Avoids awkward silences, public arguments, weird laughter, and uncomfortable goodbye hugs (you can see how I feel about those here.) 
-Enjoys one or more of the following activities: skiing/snowboarding, hiking, camping, long boarding, traveling, tennis, frisbee, being funny, and playing tricks.

Don't act like this is anymore desperate than the online dating profile you had before you were married. I think I'll start a new website:


Lara Kennard said...

I know the feeling :)

Bri said...

ayee, i know exactly what you are talking about! it's so frustrating because i usually love love love one person in the couple and then kind of really don't like the other. please create this website, haha.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

i SO know the feeling. this is funny because my friend just posted about this same thing today! it's hilarious. you'll have to check it out.

Steph said...

i'm pretty sure we could be couple bff's if only we didn't live like ten states away from each other. nate and i totally feel the same way. if you create that site, we will gladly be your first clients. :)

Mandy and Brian said...

I'd like to send in our application:

BYU Sports fans - check
Love outdoors - check
kidless - check
Live in Salt Lake - check
Work at a charter school - check
Love to Ski/snowboard - check
think we're funny (but probably aren't) - check

Those are our credentials. Is it a match made in heaven?
In all seriousness though, I think about giving Mark a call (since I don't have your number) all the time and setting up a double date, because I think it could be magic...
Also, if this sounds creepy and stalkerish I totally understand