The Wonderful Things That Happened This Weekend- 24 Weeks

We had a very simple weekend, but sometimes those are the best kind. The highlight of the weekend was the giant drink from Sonic I downed in 9.4 seconds. We took our dogs hiking up Waterfall Canyon. It's fairly short, but steep the whole way and I was pretty pleased with myself for making it to the top without going into labor. My workout routine may be lacking, but I'm determined to keep hiking throughout the summer. We spent lots of time hanging out in our yard and playing with the dogs. We need to get in all the dog time we can because I'm not sure they know what's coming in August. I have a feeling they will not be the center of our attention anymore. There is still so much work to do on our house inside and out, but I love it more and more every day. It's fairly small and for some people probably a "starter home", but I honestly feel like I could live here for years and be completely happy. Once we get some patio furniture I'm going to invite all of you over for a big BBQ. Anyone that is reading this is automatically invited just for enduring through my poor writing skills and pregnancy complaints.

I scheduled three baby classes at the hospital I'm taking in July, and finished reading the baby books that I wanted to. Now that those things are out of the way it's time to start decorating the room! I went into Hobby Lobby to buy a $2.00 necklace and came out with much more than that. I've decided to go with a ship/ocean/sailing theme and all the boat stuff was on sale so I couldn't resist. I can't wait to share some pictures once it starts coming together!

Mark and I are pretty settled on a name. Of course it could still change, but after what seemed like endless hours of discussing names, I'm glad to have made a decision. Beckett Kaye Walker. Beckett is unique, but not too crazy. I love that we can call him Beck for short, but I just cringe at the thought of someone saying Becky. Do not. Mark's Grandpa that recently passed away was named Kay and we loved the thought of using a family name and one that we can remember his Grandpa by.

Everyone keeps excitedly talking about how there is only one month of school left. Each time someone mentions it I have a mini panic attack because for me it means I am that much closer to needing to be prepared for maternity leave, let alone needing to be prepared for having a baby. I am definitely looking forward to having the summer off because there will be so much to do!

One more month and I'm due for an upgrade on my phone. I can't wait because the camera on this one is not my favorite. Until then, please enjoy the somewhat fuzzy pictures of my dogs enjoying the weekend too because I know you are dying to see them.


Diane Walker said...

Thank you for giving him my Dad's name. I am sure Dad will send him to you full of mischief and with a twinkle of fun in his eyes.

Sam M said...

I like the name Beckett. My bro in law's name is Beckstead, and he goes by Beck and it fits him very well, and I don't think anyone has called him becky.

Tricia said...

That top is perfect and so flattering on you. I just kind of came back to the blogging world after a long hiatus and was super excited to see that you were pregnant! Congratulations!