Pros and Cons- 23 Weeks

  • Never before has so many people told me how "cute" my stomach is. Who knew that muffins tops and poochy bellies were so popular these days? For some reason no one refers to your stomach hanging over your pants as "cute" when you aren't pregnant. Dang it. I will enjoy this while it lasts.
  • Feeling guilt free about eating treats, especially ice cream. This baby is going to have strong bones!
  • Feeling guilt free about not working out. This is a pro and a con. I am happier when I'm active and get out often, but for the first time ever laying on the couch for seemingly endless periods of time can be quit an enjoyable experience. 
  • Mark finally felt the baby kick!
  • Not only the want, but the need to buy new clothes. Shopping is always therapeutic.... even if it's for clothes 5 sizes larger than what you're usually shopping for. 
  • Imagining what this little guy is going to look like. I feel like he will look so much like Mark, but who knows? Maybe the Baldwin genes will dominate and he will come out with blonde hair and blue eyes?
  • I  have acquired the right to wear yoga pants anywhere and everywhere.
  • Still feeling so sick on occasion. I may have been late to a meeting today because I threw up on myself before leaving the house. Yes you read that right. On myself. If you laugh it will happen to you too.
  • Bending down, sitting up, bending over, and sleeping just aren't the same. There is a lot more grunting and groaning involved. 
  • When it comes to any activity that requires my cardiovascular system, I instantly turn into a child from Heavy Weights. One walk down the hallway at work has me huffing and puffing like Casey Jr. I think I can I think I can. Don't even get me started on what stairs are like. 
  • I become suddenly envious of anyone I see long boarding, mountain biking, or walking around and looking rather thin.