Over Half Way- 22 Weeks

Due to the lack of internet at my house, I haven't been writing as much as I'd like. After tomorrow I will be leaving the stone age and internet will return to the Walker household. We have also turned off our cable, but couldn't quit make it without the World Wide Web. I also recently went a week without a blow dryer. We've really been roughing it around here. Wet hair and no internet make Jamie nutsy. It has actually been really nice to simplify where we can. Preparing and saving money for a baby will definitely put things into perspective for you of what you actually need. Turns out I actually need a blow dryer. And now for a little pregnancy update:
  • At my next appointment they will draw my blood again. As you may recall I fainted at my first appointment when they did this. Let's hope for better results this time.
  • As I was unloading the dishwasher I realized I was gripping the counter each time I had to bend down to get the sliverware. Who am I? Old man river? I think I may have grunted while getting off the couch once or twice too.
  • My ever growing belly is measuring just where it should be.
  • The thought of meat makes me want to die. I haven't cared for fruit or vegetables and have been living off of bagels and waffles. This is not an exaggeration. I ate 4 belgain waffles for dinner 3 nights in a row. My body must be realizing that prenatals and bread aren't enough to live on because I've recently turned into a salad consuming monster.
  • Besides a little hiking here and there, I haven't worked out since December. I attempt yoga once in a while, but it turns into a very leisurely stretching session. The memory of putting on head phones and running shoes is quickly fading. I'm giving myself a 9 month workout free/guilt free pass. This is something I never thought I would do, but being pregnant changes everything. I mean EVERYTHING.
  • I think we have decided on a name. 99% certain.
  • Although I'm not due until August, I'm going to have a shower at work before the end of the school year. That means I have to go register soon, but I am so overwhelmed researching everything I don't even know what the best brands are. I don't even know what I need so that I know which brands to research!
  • I feel his little kicks several times a day now. I used to think this would freak me out, but it's actually one of my favorite things. It's like his way of saying hi. Mark hasn't been able to feel it yet, but I'm sure he will soon!  


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

I'm with you on the carbs. I'm 17 weeks, I can't stand meat and I can't get enough bagels. I never eat bagels for breakfast and I've had one every day this week.

Sam M said...

You're pregnant, you should get a pass for anything you want. have you seen that episode of new girl where Nick is constantly using his dead dad pass? Well you have a pregnancy pass. This will not be very helpful, because I don't have any specific links, but tons of bloggers have posted their favorite baby products. One of my favorite is etellstales. You'll have to look back in her archives or labels or whatever for them,but she's done multiple ones.