Working At Home- VIPKID

When I tell people about my new job.... they seem pretty intrigued. You teach english to kids in China? But you don't speak Chinese? How do you manage a class full of kids if you aren't there? Is the company legit? Have you even been paid? The questions are pretty entertaining. And the answer to those questions are: You don't need to speak Chinese, the classes are one on one, the company is amazing, and yes, I've been paid. 

When I began looking for a job I could do from home so we could travel, I never dreamed I would find something this awesome. I can work whenever I want. I can take time off whenever I want. The pay is better than most work from home jobs. It's something I only do when my kids are sleeping. It requires hardly any prep once you get used to it. And I've enjoyed the teaching part way more than I ever thought I would! Being a classroom teacher isn't really my thing, but teaching these kiddos has been so rewarding and fun. Learning about their culture, and teaching them about ours is the best part. I love when you get a chatty advanced student that wants to show you around their whole house, tell you about their day at school, or introduce you to their pets. I get to show the kids pictures of my family, and show them the mountains out my front door. I even taught a student who was at a restaurant once and they carried me all around with them. 

If I had to list the cons.... I don't think there really are any. Some might say the hours are; the peak times that are the busiest are from 5:00-7:30 AM our time. Some people pull all nighters and teach through the night. The hours were a definite bonus to me though because I am a morning person, and I wanted something I could do before my kids woke up. And that's it. I don't have to spend time getting ready and driving to work. I wake up 20 minutes before my first class. Definitely can't do that at my other job! I don't have to grade, talk to parents, or go to meetings. This paragraph was supposed to be a list of cons, but really I could just keep going on about all the things I love. 

Once this school year is over, I plan to teach 5 classes a day (2.5 hours). Right now, I usually teach from 5:30-7:00 AM on the days that I don't go to work at my school. It took a month or two for my schedule to fill up, but now if I open a slot, it generally fills without a problem!

If you are thinking about applying, please message me! A bachelor's is required, and I believe some teaching experience, but you do not need to be a licensed teacher. The interview process can be a bit intense, and it helps to have someone guide you through it. There are 1000 YouTube videos of example lessons and tips for interviewing. If you use this link to apply: it lists me as your referral, and I will gladly help you through the process. Seriously, if you are thinking about it, just apply! You won't regret it! 


Kati O'Driscoll said...

Hey Jamie, I'm seriously interested. I would love to do part time nursing and fill up my other hours with this. Can I ask you what the pay is? My email is