Ogden, You Aren't So Bad After All

I was initially pretty bummed out that our house sold so fast and we weren't going to be able to stay there until it was time to leave Utah. We have had so much fun exploring the mountains by our rental in Ogden though, now I'm totally happy it did! We have no idea where we will return to when we're "done", but I could totally picture us buying a house near the mountains here. I love the trails, the canyons, the view of the valley.... Growing up in the forests of the Uinta mountains and playing in Utah's awesome desert, I had a hard time appreciating the bare mountains when we first moved here a few years ago. But I have come to love them! I have to be careful or I'm going to get in a wreck staring at Ben Lomond instead of watching the road while I'm driving!

Beckett and I found this spot overlooking the valley and Ogden Bike Park while hiking one day, and decided it would be the perfect spot for a picnic. So tonight we packed up our food, and ate dinner while watching the bikers. We did a little rock climbing, and made it home by bed time. 


Marian said...

We moved from south ogden and loved those trails 5 minutes from home. We miss all the great restaraunts and parks and vibe.