Bike Rides

A few nights ago I pulled into the driveway late at night. Like the good mom that I am, I didn't look closely and ran over Beckett's beloved bike. I walked into the house in tears. We debated about replacing it with another balance bike, but we heard that Santa was thinking about getting him a pedal bike for Christmas so we just decided to get it now. I can't believe how quickly he picked it up. He still needs a little help getting started because his toes barely touch the ground, but he is riding a bike better than I was when I was twice his age. 

I've been waiting for the day that Nolan would be sitting well enough to ride in the bike trailer. My heart melted when I turned around on our ride to the park and saw the two of them holding hands in there. 

The weather has been absolutely dreamy this October. We spend as much time as possible outside doing fallish things like crunching leaves, having picnics, and obviously a lot of bike riding. I'm a little nervous about being cooped up inside all winter so we are getting outside as much as we can right now!