Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating Mark's birthday and Mother's Day. Beckett came up with the idea to do a breakfast birthday party which included balloons, Mickey Mouse birthday hats, noise makers, cinnamon rolls, and candles. That night we made Mark's favorite dinner and dessert: lasagna and apple pie. The day was overcast and cool so we kept up what's turning into a Saturday morning tradition and went hiking to Ice Box Canyon. 

This Mother's Day I really wanted to focus on what it means to me to be a mom. It didn't need to be a day where I got to stay in bed and not have to do a thing for anyone else. I will have years of being able to do that in the future. I wanted to celebrate being a mom and really try to enjoy every minute, even if it included temper tantrums, short naps, spit up, dishes and laundry. I feel like I have a different perspective with this baby than the first time because I am aware now just how quickly the baby phase lasts. I can only imagine I'll say the same thing about the toddlers in a few years. I don't want to waste this time focusing on the future and making it to the next milestone when things get "easier", even though sometimes it's really hard not to. I won't take the time to write about how I need to cherish their little finger prints on my windows and how I'll miss folding their tiny socks when they're gone. The internet is full of really touching posts and articles about enjoying being a young mother. It's also full of hilarious pictures, memes, and posts about how incredibly hard it can be. That's because they are both so true. But this Mother's Day I wanted to focus on how lucky I am to get to experience motherhood with these two sweet boys. I just want to soak up this time while their little and try not to worry about the things that really aren't going to matter in a few years. I did get some great presents and Beckett made me a cute card, but the best part of the day was when Beckett told me I was his best friend. 


Bailee said...

Such a sweet post. I love what Beckett said to you. I'm glad you realize the blessings of being a mom, I'm sure it would be really easy to take it for granted sometimes with all of the challenges that are involved. I'm glad you had a good mother's day!