2 Months Old

Weight: 15 whopping pounds. 80th percentile.
Height: 23 in. 80th percentile.
Clothes: 3-6 months


This section could also be titled, "When Babywise Doesn't Go As Planned". Figuring out Nolan's sleep patterns has been a definite trial and error process. I guess I just assumed he would be a bit more by-the-book like Beckett was. He is a very light sleeper, loves cat naps, and takes forever to get into a deep sleep. But once he is in a deep sleep, I can't get him out of it! I've had a few days where I get frustrated because he isn't sleeping as long as he is "supposed to", or because I think I'm doing something wrong. But once I just accepted that he takes 45 minute naps, I relaxed a lot and learned to go with it. He usually gets one long nap in each day, but only if I'm there to help settle him into his next sleep cycle. Other Babywise moms have told me that this is totally normal the first few months, and that it usually improves around 4-5 months.

No matter what, I stick to the sleep, eat, play cycle. Even if that means he's eating every 1 hour and 45 minutes, instead of every 3 hours like I had hoped. I think the cycle is more important for a happy, well rested baby, than eating every 3 hours. He sleeps pretty great at night so it seems to be working for us. He generally wakes 2 times a night, and his first stretch keeps getting longer and longer which is a good sign.

It took me a while to realize this, but his wake time gets a little bit longer with each nap throughout the day. In the morning he can barely stay awake an hour, and by bed time I need to keep him awake for 90 minutes or else he isn't tired. Bed time is usually between 7:00 and 8:00 and he wakes up anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30. Beckett loved to wake up around 5:30 at this age so even if he isn't taking super naps, at least I get to sleep in a little!


I'm already so excited to start solids, but we still have another 3 months to go. I plan to do Baby Led Weaning again and skip the baby food. For now we are just nursing of course. I pump once in a while to make sure he will be able to take a bottle when I go back to work in August. I've thought about doing formula at that point, but there are so many benefits to nursing that I'm sure I will do it for a year again.

My Diet

I went 7 weeks without dairy just to rule it out as an issue. I started slowly adding in hard cheese, then yogurt, then at 8 weeks I finally had some heavenly ice cream! Great news: I can have dairy! Nolan was so gassy and struggling at the beginning of life, but now he seems to be just fine no matter what I eat. This is great news for me since I seem to be eating everything in sight.

The first month or so was a little challenging with Nolan as we adjusted to our new normal of having two kids. Once we figured out that he had reflux, things got a bit easier. He becomes more alert every day and his little personality is slowly coming out. Beckett gives him hugs and kisses all the time and those two little terds make me the happiest mom alive.