Skull Crack Trail- 35 Weeks

This is the third year in a row we've gone hiking in the middle of winter at Causey Reservoir; we've never actually been there in the summer time. The trail is usually packed down pretty well, but this time we should have brought snow shoes. It was up to our thighs at some point, which Beckett thought was hilarious because Mark had to crawl to get out and he thought he was playing "polar bear". 

We brought a sled and found a fun little hill at the end of the reservoir. We only went down a few times because climbing out in the powder while holding Beckett was quite the work out. Afterwards we had lunch in the back of the car and I was soaking up as much sun as I could get. And before we left, Beckett had his first experience going to the bathroom in the great outdoors. He definitely found making yellow snow very entertaining.