Ultrasound- 34 Weeks

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but how much is a post worth without some sort of picture? Plus, this is the first time Beckett got sick that he didn't want to spend the day cuddling. He insisted on a bed on the couch like a big kid. His stomach bug only lasted 12 hours and then he was back to running around the house like a crazy in no time. 

Today I went in for another big ultrasound similar to the 20 week one to measure the baby because he is so big! Although I was a little interested to find out how big he is, I was more interested in checking to make sure the cysts on his brain are gone. And good news: they are! I have been trying not to let it worry me much, but I didn't realize how much relief I would feel once the doctor said they were gone. I shed a tear or two, and then began to focus on the fact that soon I am going to be delivering one big baby. 

I'm currently 34 weeks, but measuring at 36. The baby is in the 80th percentile, weighing 6.5 lbs. The doctor's best guess is that he'll gain 1/3 lb. per week which means I could be having a 8.5 lb. baby. I know that isn't super huge, but it sounds big enough to me! But if my predictions are right, this little man is not going to make it to March 14th. I just have a feeling!