Now Entering: Whale Stage

A few weeks ago we had our annual Christmas tree burning and blowing up the ginger bread houses at my parents. Beckett was sad to see Christmas go in such a violent manner. As much as I love winter, it's just so much longer and colder with a toddler vrs. a season ski pass. I'm getting a little anxious for spring to come.... especially because that will mean we have a new baby in our family. 

At the risk of being a whiny pregnant woman, I just need to say that I am soooo over being pregnant. I felt pretty good at the end of my first pregnancy, but this time around seems to suck a lot more. I haven't gained too much weight so far, but I am already bigger than I ever got with Beckett and I still have 2 more months to go. I never felt like a massive whale before, but this time I am feeling it! Even some of my maternity clothes are too small..... that's a great confidence boost to start your morning. I sure hope these two months fly by and that I stop growing! 

I am glad to say that we are completely done with diapers. I still have to take Beckett to the bathroom or else he will have an accident, but as long as I remember to take him he does just fine. He even sleeps through the night without a diaper and haven't had a problem once! I'm beginning to get a little nervous though about how much longer I am going to have to watch the clock and remember to take him every hour. I sure hope I'm not doing that when he is 3! Either way I am super proud of him and so happy to not have two kids in diapers.