Hello 2016- 30 Weeks

I don't have an exciting New Year's post to write because I went to bed at 10:00 and don't have any new year's resolutions. I don't really believe in them. If I have to wait until the new year to set a goal, chances are I'm probably not going to stick with it. If I want to change something, then I'll change it then. Right now though, my only focus for this year is learning how to be a mom of 2 little boys, loving every minute of it no matter how chaotic it feels, and surviving this first year. I will definitely cherish the newborn phase now that I realize how short it is, but I also keep telling myself that if we can survive this first year, then it will get easier. Sleeping, nursing, pumping, bottles, spit up, blow outs, laundry, traveling....... all of these things can be really hard during the first 12 months. It seems like after Beckett turned one I felt a huge change in him and myself.... for the better. Don't get me wrong. I love the first year..... but I loved the second one more. So if I had to have a goal for 2016, surviving my first year as a new mom of two, with a decent amount of sleep, a shower at least once a week, and fitting into something other than stretchy pants would be it.

I had a small panic attack this morning when I looked at my phone and noticed that my prego meter went from being into the 20's to saying I am at 30 weeks. There isn't anything beyond the 30's except baby town. This is it people, I'm in the final stretch. As uncomfortable as I am sleeping at night, I'm ok for that little guy to stay in there as long as he wants because I tend to get reeeeaaaalllly scared about delivery (even though Beckett's went very well, even if it was long). More than dreading delivery this time though, I am dreading those first few weeks of recovery afterwards. They definitely aren't fun, but at least you have an overdose of endorphins and other feel good hormones to focus on instead of your body spazzing out of control. 

December has been the month of Beckett fully transitioning into my little boy instead of Baby Beckett. Here are all of Beckett's firsts that happened in the past month:
  • Sleeping in a big boy bed
  • Potty training
  • First time at the movie theater. We saw the Good Dinosaur. 
  • Learned how to swim around on his own with his life jacket.
  • Grew out of his last little high chair that was clipped onto our bar, now he always eats at the big table.
  • Started talking in complete sentences and singing songs by himself (mostly in the car). 
  • Signed up for a tumbling/music class at Bravo. 
  • I'm pretty sure his last molar came in..... hallelujah the end of teething has arrived! 

Funny things Beckett has said recently:

Me: "Hi I'm Dr. Mommy. Do you need me to look at your sick tummy today? What's your name?Beckett: "Um yeah... Beckett Walker" 

Me: "Time for bed buddy"
Beckett: "I need to do one more thing". 

Wyan Hunch = Hawaiian Punch

Wawich = Sandwich