Beckett's Third Christmas

I can't even believe that I didn't take a single picture on Christmas.... not one. That is very unlike me, but I was just soaking up every minute it that I could. Luckily my Mom got this picture of the three of us all on the same sled so I have a picture to help remember this year by. We spent Christmas morning at our house watching Beckett's eyes light up as he opened his presents. We made our traditional monkey bread breakfast with carmel apple spice. Then we headed to Kamas for the weekend to spend time with our families. Although there wasn't a lot of picture taking going on, there was a lot of food, laughter, swimming, 4-wheeling, sledding, and relaxing. 

I'm so excited to say that I think Beckett is potty trained. He's only 2 years and 4 months old and I was really not expecting this to happen until he was 3. I am still taking him every 60-90 minutes rather than waiting for him to tell him so I guess he isn't 100% potty trained, but he hasn't had any accidents so I'm going to say 90%. He sleeps in his "unders" for naps and a diaper at bed time, but he's consistently woken up dry every time for a week now minus one time at my Mom's house. I'm still too nervous to let him go over night without a diaper though. I am still in shock and how easy this was and I'm just praying he doesn't regress when the baby comes.