The Best Early Christmas Present I Could Have Asked For

Beckett has given me the best gift of all..... easy potty training. It's been 4 days, only 3 accidents, dry diapers at nap time, and zero poop messes to clean up. In the past month he's turned into 100% little boy. The crib and diapers were the last bit of being a "baby" he was holding on to, and without them he is officially a big kid. Because I've never been one to be sad when he reaches new milestones, I am absolutely loving the recent changes. Especially because we're about to enter baby land again in less than three months. The baby's room is all set up and ready to go now. It's amazing how much stuff such a little human requires for such a short amount of time.The only thing I have left to do is pack our hospital bags! That can wait a few more weeks..... 

Funny things Beckett says lately:

Punny = Money
Yeah I are = This is the equivalent of saying "yes I am" when I tell him he can't do something. 
Unders = Underwear 
Daddy be careful careful = What he said to Mark this morning as he was headed out to drive in the snow to work