Potty Training at Christmas Time

Christmas is soooo close and we've had a lot of fun celebrating this month! We attempted Temple Square over the weekend and it was so outrageously crowded that we ended up leaving without really seeing the lights because this pregnant lady was starving to death and every restaurant had a 1 year wait. We also went to my parent's for our annual ginger bread house making. Beckett was really cute and concentrated on what he was doing. One M&M in his mouth, one on the house, etc..... 

I have two weeks off of work and have decided to give potty training another shot. I know it isn't ideal over the holidays, but we're on day two and things are going surprisingly well! My first attempt (read here) was very unsuccessful. I read this book, bought a bunch of stuff, and was as prepared as possible. I was convinced he would be potty training within 2 or 3 days at such a young age and it would be a breeze if I followed all the steps. After 24 hours of sitting at home and doing nothing but cleaning up pee of my floors I was soooo done. 

This time I am taking a much different approach. There isn't a book, it's not the cold turkey method, the 3 day method, or any of those things I see floating around the internet. It's probably the same approach that millions of other moms have taken over the years. The do-what-feels-right-to-you method. So far we've only had 2 accidents, and even been able to leave the house. Those stay at home for 3 days straight plans make me want to rip my hair out. 

Basically I'm watching the clock and taking him to the bathroom every hour or so, even if he doesn't tell me he needs to go. I know people say this means that I'm the one that is trained and not him, but I don't really care. I used to change his soggy and/or poppy diapers every few hours so I would say this is an improvement. Beckett is terrible about telling me if he needs to go, but he is really good about going the second he sits on the toilet if he needs to. If I put him on the toilet and he doesn't go after a few seconds I know he really doesn't need to go and it's nice not to have to sit there reading "Everybody Poops" for 15 minutes hoping to keep him there long enough to actually pee. So we try every hour. If he goes potty then we wait another hour. If he doesn't go, then I try every 15 minutes until he does. So far every 60-90 minutes seems to be just right. I'm not pumping him full of liquids or giving him salty snacks to make him thirsty. We're just going about our day with a pit stop every hour. If he pees then he gets two pieces of Pirate Booty or two jelly beans. I haven't decided if we'll use pull-ups yet, but I'm definitely putting him in a diaper for naps and bed time. One day he'll consistently wake up dry and that's when we'll get rid of the diapers all together. This is my no-stress, no-mess plan and so far it's been wonderful.