Potty Training Failure

I give up people. I give freakin' up. I don't know why I was so excited to potty train, I thought it was going to be super fun! Well, it is not fun. Maintaining patience for that amount of time is exhausting. And doing loads of laundry is exhausting. And cleaning pee puddles up every 20 minutes is exhausting. And then seeing your little boy get super upset and frustrated is heart breaking. 

After a long yesterday, and long morning today, finding out that Mark injured himself at the gym this morning was the final straw. He is going to be resting and on drugs for the next bit, which means I'm on my own. I have things scheduled in the evening and I can't leave my son with a babysitter while potty training, and I certainly can't leave him with a drugged up husband. So while Mark getting hurt is a great reason to stop, I also don't feel like Beckett is ready. 22 months felt early to me, but I wanted to give it a try because lots of people have success at that age. Well, we didn't even have a little success. 

I really really wanted it to work. I felt like I was super prepared, and I feel like the method I was using will be awesome.... in a few months. Beckett couldn't have cared less about the dang toilet. That is, until nap time today, "toilet, toilet, pee pee, pee pee!" It was his newest nap time procrastination tactic, along with: asking for medicine, pretending his foot is stuck in the crib bars, saying he has "boogies" when he doesn't, and asking to look at the pictures hanging in the hallway. Nice try little man, nice try. 


AmandaCatter said...

Oh, No! Don't quit! It seems like you were over confident on the potty training and nothing worked for you like you thought. Come on, your daughter is just 22 months old. Some parents don't even make it possible in 4th year!It can happen because of some wrong methods that choose. What I can do is to suggest a 3 day training method that I saw on WhatGotYou.com Even if you fail on this one, you still have time left!

Leslee said...

Boys usually aren't ready as soon as girls are. My oldest didn't potty train till he was almost 3. And it wasn't because we didn't try. I just took him to the potty if he asked to go and sometimes I would take him because it was convenient for me......but didn't push it and be consistent till he was good and ready. MY second boy on the other hand pees in the potty every time and he just barely turned two last week. but he won't tell me WHEN he has to go. So I'm taking it slow and not pushing it but not shying away from it either. it will happen when it happens my friend. But you are right.....it's NOT easy! and takes way more mommy self control than most will admit. :) put him back in a diaper till Mark can be helpful. having both parents on board makes a difference too! (side thought.....have you tried putting a diaper over his underwear?? less mess.....but he will still know he's wet! and uncomfortable)