Potty Training Beginnings

Man I'm glad I have wood floors. This potty training business is messy and I've only been at it 6 hours. I told myself I would give it at least three days before we give up. Only two and a half to go. I can do this. 

Potty training the doll this morning was super fun. Beckett was so excited and into it. The only problem was Potty Scotty was constipated yesterday so Mark had to do some surgery on him. Now he only goes potty if his leg is straight, and to get his leg straight you have to detach it from his body. So I tried my hardest not to let Beckett see that right before Scotty goes potty Mommy rips his leg off. 

It took several accidents before I got the timing down right. Now we aren't having  many accidents because I take him to sit on the toilet every 25 minutes and watch a show on the tablet until he pees. It works like a charm every time, but he definitely isn't trying to get to the potty himself. If I let him keep playing he will have an accident for sure. We will see what the afternoon brings and whether or not he wakes up dry from his nap....