2 Years Old

Holy cow I can't believe I have a two year old. He is the absolute sweetest, easy going, goofy, smily, little jokester I could have ever imagined being blessed with. I love how excited he gets to experience new things, his love for trains, the jokes he plays, and how nothing makes him laugh harder than his Daddy. So many people feel sad when they think about their kids growing up, but for some reason I haven't felt that way at all. I feel like the older he gets, the more fun we have and closer we become. I get excited thinking about what this next year will bring and how much he will learn and grow.

I'm amazed at how quick these 2 years flew by, because some of the moments seemed to drag on forever. I just laugh now looking back on some of the struggles we went through that come with having a newborn: nursing, sleeping through the night, swaddling, putting everything in his mouth, etc..... I felt like those phases would last forever while I was in them, but now I can see it was just a quick blink. It was hardly enough time to even make it worth talking about. I know that each age brings it's challenges (approaching: terrible twos), but they bring even more joyful moments. This next year is going to be full of learning new words and putting sentences together. It's going to be hilarious. 

To celebrate, we went to the fair. He rode his first horse, the merry-go-round, ferris wheel, saw lots of animals, and his Dad won a ball for him. He also woke up to cinnamon rolls and a new Strider Bike. It's going to take some practice to learn to balance on it, but right now he rides (walks) it up and down the sidewalk every day. 

I wish I could catch all the words Beckett says right now on video. If you listen closely you can usually understand what he is saying, and his vocabulary is pretty big. Most words are preceded by the word "my" for some reason. Here are some of my favorites:

My yike it = I like it
My fwops = Flip flops
Thomas racket = Tennis racket
Wassoes = Waffles
Gogurt = Yogurt
Baindain = Airplane 
My wunch = He thinks a sandwich is called "lunch"
Bucksies = Raspberries 
Siwie = Silly
My change = Change my diaper please
My fawed = I fell
Schwag = Flag

He also says most colors, but can't identify them correctly yet. And his newest thing to do is to list everyone we know and who is a boy and who is a girl. 


Bailee said...

He is so darling, Jamie! I can't get over his curly hair. What an exciting time for you. I love looking at all of your fun pictures, too!