Thanksgiving in Moab 2015- 24 Weeks

Thanksgiving was super cold and super fun as usual. Last time we went Beckett was 3 months old so it was very easy to just keep him bundled and happy. This year it was harder to keep a toddler on the move content with gloves, snow pants, and snow boots, but he did pretty well. Especially considering he was just getting over croup. 

My Grandpa cooked his amazing dutch oven turkey and stuffing and we had a great thanksgiving dinner at Fins N' Things Friday. We spent Saturday 4-wheeling at Monitor and Merrimac. Setting up camp for the day next to those two big buttes is beginning to feel like as much of a Thanksgiving tradition as the dutch oven turkey. I've said this many times, Southern Utah is my second home and it fills my heart to be able to take Beckett there and watch him enjoy it as much as I always have. I wish I had time to capture our trips with my camera like I used to, but I'm realizing that will have to wait until my kids are a little older. 

We ended the trip Sunday with a hiking disaster. It was well below freezing and we were hiking to Jewel Tibbetts Arch. I carried Beckett in my arms for a while because he was not happy about riding in the pack (which is unusual), but that's hard to do even if you aren't pregnant. Finally Beckett had enough. Right as we decided to head back he got a bloody nose and it was all down hill from there. Once that mess was cleaned up we decided it would be best for Mark to put him in the backpack and jog back to the car. Luckily he is in good shape and could jog a mile in the freezing cold with a 30 lb. toddler on his back wailing in his ear no problem. All I could do was waddle my way down the trail and hope that Beckett wouldn't be too traumatized. Once he was in the car he was happy as could be. He even slept from Green River to Layton which has never happened before. It was the most peaceful ride home from Moab we've ever had. 

Best Beckett quote of the trip: 
Me: "Beckett, what should we name the baby when he is born?"
Beckett: "Um, Baby Jesus".