The End of Fall

After a very windy yesterday, I went outside this morning to find our trees were completely naked, and our grass was covered in a thick blanket of leaves. I have a feeling a very large pile made specifically for jumping in is in Beckett's near future. The trees are so empty now, they are just beckoning winter to bring us some snowflakes. Perfectly cool days and crisp nights have turned into crisp days and chilly nights. I can smell the snow hovering above us in the clouds just waiting to come down. Our snow pants and gloves are out and ready when it does decide to visit. 

Beckett's new night light/white noise machine showed up today (did I mention I have an Amazon Prime addiction?). Out of all 6 colors, he chose the pink light for his nap today. Perhaps this will help with his nightmares and fear of falling asleep. He woke up last night at 1:30 on the dot like I expected. Rather than giving in and bringing him to bed with me, I made a comfy little bed on the floor next to his crib and promised not to leave until he fell back asleep. No tears, and no toddler in my bed. I think this is going to be our solution to getting through this little phase. I stroked his hair for a few minutes and whenever I stopped he would say, "Mommy, pet me?" I couldn't stop laughing to myself. An hour later I was able to sneak away without being afraid of waking him or feeling like I was creating a habit that would be hard to break because I know that within a few weeks he'll go back to sleeping solidly through the night.