Baby Wearing

I've never been a Black Friday shopper, but this year I scored one thing while shopping on my phone from our hotel room in Moab, and I couldn't be more excited: a Lillebaby carrier. I did a ton of research before deciding which carrier I was going to buy, and this beauty is the deluxe Cadillac of soft structure carriers. I had a wrap with Beckett that I used a handful of times, but I never really got into the whole baby wearing thing. Partly because I worked a lot and we didn't go many places except for on the weekends, partly because I didn't need to because he was my only kiddo, and partly because I thought baby wearing was for parents that are a bit.... crunchier and more into "attachment parenting" than me. Well, I think this time around is going to be a lot different. No more long cuddle sessions on the couch followed by peaceful long newborn naps. No matter what the baby is doing, I still have a toddler to run after and keep busy. I already know because when I showed Beckett the carrier and told him that the baby was going to ride in it the first thing he said was, "baby go to park". 

This carrier is seriously awesome. It works from newborn to 45 lb., doesn't require a newborn insert, can be worn 6 ways (including on your back), has a pocket, and has some serious lumbar support and padded straps. I love all the awesome patterns they have, but I opted for solid black in hopes that Mark would be up for using it sometimes. We'll see how that goes, I know he would not wear a wrap for anything haha. I've been so excited about it that I tried to carry Beckett in it but because he hasn't been "worn" since he was teeny tiny he thought it was fun for about 3 seconds and then wanted out. 

I kind of wish I could get into the wrap thing a little bit more. I have a Moby wrap and I'm thinking about getting a Ring Sling, but I think I'll use this Lillebaby the most for sure. It's much less complicated to put on and the wraps seem to work well for when babies are little, but like I said I'm just not granola enough to keep using one for an older baby. I joined this baby wearing group on Facebook and these women are serious about it. Although I will not be as hardcore and am mostly interested in trying it for convenience sake, I'm a little envious of how much they love it and that I didn't try baby wearing a little more with Beckett. So far this is the only thing that I really plan on doing much differently than with Beckett, but I'm sure there will be more this-isn't-how-we-did-it-with-our-firsts to come. 


Amy Tauraa said...

That looks like a beautiful carrier. I love wearing my babies for the convenience (& maybe some crunchiness?). I do appreciate the closeness benefits & the whole philosophy part of it, but mostly it's so life can go on with a peaceful baby en tow, and I can deal with the unexpected. I have others, but fall back on my ring slings because they're so easy to throw in a diaper bag, and because nursing & sleeping can happen while grocery shopping, hiking the Y with Cub Scouts, while running the musical backstage, etc (done all of those things & more). I don't use it much now she's big, but did today because she was sick & whiny & I had to take her to school. There are other ways, but it's so practical & easy once you figure it out.