New Room and a New Bed

This last weekend was spent putting Beckett's new room together, and moving our room downstairs. We still have a ton of work to do, but it's so fun to start getting ready for little boy #2! Beckett has done pretty well in his new bed. I had a harder time the first night than him because not only was it his first night in a bed he could fall out of, it was also the first time that we've slept on different floors of the house. I think I woke up three times to go and check on him. I have a video monitor with two cameras coming soon so that I can have one in each of the boy's rooms with the screen in our room and I think that will help me sleep better! 

I put pool noodles under the fitted sheet to help Beckett stay in, but he doesn't really seem to need them. He put himself to sleep for the first time today at nap time. Up until this point we've been staying in with him until he's asleep to help with the transition. Today I told him that if he gets out of bed he'll have to sleep in his crib (which is still set up for the baby), and he wasn't thrilled about the idea, but it worked! 

We don't have a play room anymore, but Beckett's room is now big enough that the train table and toys all fit in there. It's kind of nice having everything in one spot and out of the living room. And I'm really loving having the downstairs all to ourselves. It's like my own little toy-free getaway.

This weekend I also got food poisoning which sucks in general, but it extra sucks when you're pregnant. Mark ended up staying home from work to take me in to get an IV of nausea medicine and fluids because getting that dehydrated can be dangerous for the baby, and throwing up that much can actually make you go into labor. Luckily everything is ok and I'm doing much better today, but that was rough! 

While I'm rambling on about nothing important I might as well mention that I'm ready for Christmas! Everything is wrapped and under the tree. I'm so excited for Beckett to open his presents I can hardly stand it!