Christmas Came Early This Year

I'm not a big fan of anything Christmasy (besides snow) before Thanksgiving, but things are a little different this year. Although Beckett doesn't really know much about Christmas, he loves it so much already. He constantly asks about snowman, candy canes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and Christmas songs are now part of our bed time routine. 

While driving home last night Beckett brought up Christmas trees and Mark said that we would be going to get a Christmas tree and how much fun it will be when we do. When we pulled into our driveway Beckett's heart broke into a thousand tiny pieces as he realized we weren't getting a Christmas tree that night. I've never heard him cry like that before. It wasn't  bratty throw-a-fit cry, but serious disappointment, confusion, and heart break. Mark and I sat in the car completely surprised, and not knowing what to do. Well of course Mark was going to figure out a way to save the night. In the dark and freezing cold, he dug out our Christmas lights and took Beckett into the backyard. We decorated a small pine tree with one tiny strand of lights, and it was as magical to Beckett as Christmas morning. 

Our dinky little tree is now lit up in our backyard and we go out on the deck to look at it multiple times each night before bed. That one little strand of lights is all he needs to feel like we have the greatest Christmas tree around. I can't wait to see his eyes light up when the entire house has lights on it, and we actually have a Christmas tree in our living room.