Halloween Day

We spent Halloween day going to the aerospace museum. I was surprised at how heartbroken Beckett was when it was time to leave. It's a good rainy day activity so I'm sure we'll go back soon. Then Mark and Beckett raked leaves while I cooked dinner. We had our friends over for dinner to try to get some nutrients in the kids before trick or treating. Beckett and Ellie were out-of-this-world cute with their curly hair and hobbit costumes. We made it to more houses than I thought we would, but I should have known better because Beckett is extremely motivated by sugar. 

If Halloween was that much fun, I can't even imagine what Christmas will be like. We started this morning with an education on Santa Clause, snow, Christmas trees, and candy canes. I'm getting him prepped early. Holidays with a toddler are the best.