Preparations for #2 and 2 Year Old Update

Preparations for #2 are officially underway now that we know we're for sure having a boy. We're super close to having a name picked. Well I have one picked, I'm just waiting for Mark to give his final OK. I'll be breaking out all the baby gear and organizing Beckett's old clothes over Christmas break, and the process of moving everyone's bedrooms has slowly begum. 

We have 2 bedrooms upstairs, and one big family room kind of thing downstairs in our cozy little house. I know so many people do it, but I would love to avoid Beckett sharing rooms with the baby, at least while they are little. So Beckett will be moving into our current room at Christmas time, getting a twin bed, and all new big kid decor. My rarely seen crafty side is coming out and I have two pallets sitting in my garage just waiting to see what my brain can come up with. The baby will get Beckett's room which is easy because I can keep the decorations the same. Sorry kid, this is your first of many, many hand-me-downs. And Mark and I will be transforming the basement into a parents only zone. Mark's currently working on building us a closet with sliding bookshelves for doors. 

I'm sure the baby will stay in our room much longer than Beckett did (4 nights) because his room was right across the hall, and now we will be on different levels. I'm keeping my fingers crossed super tight in hopes that this baby sleeps as well as he did. I am going to have to break out my Babywise book and brush up the details. There are so many baby things I've forgotten. Do I even know how to nurse? I used to never understand how people could forget so easily, but I'm realizing that although it wasn't long ago, the baby phase is very very short. 

I never did an update on Beckett when he turned two. Because it's Sunday nap time and I'll have to do dishes when I'm done writing this post, I'm going to write it now. 

Beckett: 2 Years and 3 Months Old

I had high hopes that my child would always and forever love a variety of highly nutritious foods. He currently lives off of yogurt, deli meat, smoothies, grilled cheese, pasta, waffles, oatmeal, and buckets of fruit. Not the worst diet, but definitely not a huge variety. I don't think I ate a single vegetable until I was 16 and I seem to be doing ok though. 

Nap: 1:00-3:30/4:00
Bed time: 7:30/8:00
Wake time: 6:30/7:00

About once a week he wakes up in the middle of the night from a nightmare or to declare, "all done" and ask for breakfast. I have always said I would never let our kids sleep with us, but when you're pregnant and it's 2 am you really don't care about anything. If it turned into a nightly thing where he wouldn't sleep anywhere but our bed I would be concerned, but I'll bring him in bed with us for about an hour and once he is asleep he goes back in his crib.

Everyone told me that once they start talking they don't stop, and man is it true. Beckett jabbers constantly and because I can understand him 95% of the time it is so fun to get a little glimpse into what's going on in his brain. Some of the funny things he says right now are:

WHAT?!- This is a way to indicate that something is really cool and exciting.
Panks- Said as he swats our butts when we walk by
Hmm mmm yeah- When he agrees with what you're saying, answering yes, or confirming that what he just told me is correct even if it really isn't. For example, "Jelly beans? mmm hmm yeah", even though he knows I'm going to tell him no because it's 7 am. 
Eww stinky- Said while covering his nose with his shirt while I change his diaper. 
Humpty Dumpty- I was completely shocked when Beckett sang the entire song by himself the other day. 

Lately he has started biting Mark and I constantly, but mostly me. I think his teeth are bothering him, but he also does it because it gets such reaction from us I think. Luckily he hasn't been biting other kids or adults. We tried everything: time out, pinching his cheeks, and sternly telling him no. After he bit me 7 times in an hour, I went to our last resort of putting vinegar water in a spray bottle and squirting a little in his mouth. It took 2 times and he never did it again. Not my favorite Mom moment. I'm still wondering if it was the right thing to do, but hey it worked.

Star wars, guns, 4-wheelers, anything to do with Christmas, hiding from people, endless videos of bag pipes on You Tube, and jumping in leaves.