St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Idaho- 19 Weeks

Instead of going to the Little Sahara sand dunes in Utah, we escaped the UEA crowds and headed to Idaho. My sister, Lauren is in school there, so she was able to come camping with us too! We camped for three nights at the dunes and Beckett loved the 24-hour access to Grandpa and Grandma's 4-wheelers. We tested out our new hammock, played badminton, went 4-wheeling, hiked through the ice caves, went to Lava Hot Springs, and nearly got trapped in a out-of-control "controlled" fire. Our car still reeks of burnt juniper trees. 

The ice caves were always on my college bucket list while I was at school in Idaho, but I never made it. It was actually even better than I thought it would be. There is a lot of belly crawling and small spaces so we didn't take Beckett through, but when my brother gets home from his mission I plan to go back with him. By then Beckett will be big enough, and I'll come a little more prepared with snow pants next time. 

Getting Beckett to bed at night was always an adventure because, needless to say, he was very hyper. But once he was asleep he did great in the tent and always slept through the night. Now that we're home, he keeps asking to go camping again and told me he wants to sleep in the tent instead of his crib. Long rides in the car are definitely not his thing, but I'm glad he is a good little camper!