Snake Pillow Saves The Day- 20 Weeks

I have found the ultimate pregnancy pillow. Behold: The Snake Pillow (thanks to Beckett for the clever name). Why oh why did I go for the ten dollar body pillow from Wal-Mart when I was pregnant the first time, when this beautiful blob existed?! That's because they cost more than I prefer to spend on a pillow, but this thing is worth every penny. Especially because I found a never-been-used one at a yard sale (of course) and spent $5.00 on it. But had I known how blissful sleep would be with it, I would have paid full price no problem. By the end of my first pregnancy it took 6 pillows to get comfortable at night, and when I attempted to roll over it would take like 10 minutes just to get situated again. Now I just curl up inside this creepy snake thing and my legs, back, arms, and neck are all supported and the only reason I wake up is to pee. Which is happening far too often for only being 20 weeks. Get off my bladder baby. The best part is, I can curl it up like a donut and lay down on my stomach on it. That's worth repeating. I can lay on my stomach! Thank you snake pillow!

In an effort to prepare for having two kids, simplify my life, and take as many short cuts as possible, I have began shopping strictly online only. In one day I signed up for ordering my groceries online, Amazon Prime, Amazon Mom, and Amazon Subscribe and Save. I will never have to go into another store again! And for the first time in my life, getting the mail is actually fun because it's more than just bills. Even if I'm receiving my paper towels in the mail, that is much more exciting than bills. I've also collected several freezer meal recipes. One day soon when Mark can take Beckett out for the day, I plan to have a massive cook fest and stock my deep freezer with 20-30 freezer meals. I'm not sure what life with a baby and toddler is going to be like, but no matter how sleep deprived and covered in baby poop I am, at least I won't be hungry.