Toddlers: Potty Training, Crib Transitions, and Tantrums

Some people will be aghast at what I'm about to say, but I do not really love newborns. That whole first year is just kind of rough. Sleep issues, sore boobs, diaper blow outs, etc.... The toddler phase has it's hard moments too, but I would take them any day over learning how to nurse or post-labor recovery. Life with Beckett is 90% a hilarious and fun party, and 10% tantrums, poop in the bath tub and power struggles. It's not a terrible ratio; it could be much worse. 

I'm still learning how to deal with the tantrums and power struggles. He is totally testing us to see what happens if he disobeys, to find out if we'll really follow through with what we say. No matter how tired I am, I try really hard to remember that each of those moments is a learning opportunity. By putting the time and effort in now, hopefully in time he will know when we are being serious and he shouldn't do something. But man, he gets this little mischievous grin and look in his eye when he is about to do something naughty, and although one part of me is so frustrated that he isn't listening, the other part of me can't help but laugh about how much that sneaky smile looks like Mark's. 

Beckett has been going to the bathroom on the toilet multiple times a day. He never tells us when he needs to go, but if I ask him he'll often say yes. He usually says yes no matter what because he knows there is a chance he'll get jelly beans. But usually first thing in the morning, after his nap, and before his bath he tries to go potty and 3/4 times it works. I'm hoping that if we just keep up the routine and reward going potty with a jelly bean that maybe he will just figure it out. Or it will at least prep him for actual potty training (round 2) during Christmas break when I have time off of work. 

Part of Beckett's Christmas present is going to be a big boy bed. We decided just to go straight to a twin instead of a toddler bed. I have a feeling this is going to be a lot like our first round of potty training where I'm all giddy and excited, but after 48 hours regret the decision with all my heart. Hopefully the transition is smooth, but I've heard horror stories of children getting out of bed 50 times before finally falling asleep or waking up multiple times a night when they used to sleep great. I'm really excited to see his face when he gets the bed and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he'll sleep well in it.