I can sense the warm days coming to an end, and brisk, crunchy leaf filled days are getting closer. I don't know anyone that doesn't love fall. It's such a cozy season, what's not to love? Beckett and I are trying to make up for all those TV watching, couch potatoed, nauseous days at the end of summer. Beckett was so sweet and anytime I would lay my head down he would say, "Mommy sick" and usually would let me rest for a few minutes. Now we're making up for it by trying to get out as much as possible, especially while the weather is warm. In the picture above he is feeding the ducks his cheerios he was supposed to be eating for breakfast. 

Today Beckett pointed to my belly, said "baby stuck", and then literally tried to grab my stomach and pull the baby out. He also still insists the baby is a girl, and told me today that the crib she is going to sleep in will be pink. I didn't even know he knew about the color pink. The little wheels in his head are turning as fast as they can possibly go.