Second Ultrasound- 13 Weeks

Beckett was able to come to the doctor for the first time with me today. He seemed quite confused when I showed him these pictures of the baby, and to be honest when I look at them I see the outline of a baby dinosaur. He thought the visit was a blast though because they looked at my belly and he got a sucker. He's easy to please. 

My big 20 week ultrasound has been scheduled for the end of October. I'm so excited to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. Beckett tells me the baby is a girl, and Mark and I are hoping for a girl, but the thought of Beckett having a little brother to wrestle around with is exciting too. With Beckett I felt like I was reading a ton of books, and buying ridiculous amounts of baby gear from day 1. This time I really haven't done a single thing. Once I know if it will be a boy a girl then I can start to think about room decorating and buying clothes, but until then I'm just kind of on standby. It's so nice to not be the newby anymore.