Hello Second Trimester!

So long hellish first trimester, hello glorious second trimester! When people say pregnant women have a "glow" they are only referring to women in their second trimester. The first trimester you have more of a pale grayish green zombie look going on, and the third trimester you are red, swollen, retaining water, and probably can't walk or sit properly. The second trimester is when your little bump of a tummy is cute, your energy kicks back in, and you finally feel well enough to actually care about things like showers and doing your hair.

I still get nauseous often, but I haven't thrown up in days and I have returned to cooking (simple) dinners again. I have turned into a popsicle monster because my mouth is so dry and has the awful metallic taste that it's the only thing that seems to help. Overall, I feel amazing though compared to those first several weeks. Last night I was reading some of the things I wrote during my third trimester with Beckett and the achy back, heart burn, and sleepless nights all started coming back to me. I would take the third trimester over the first anytime though, so at least the worst is behind me.

Today I'll be venturing out to find my first pair of maternity pants. Because Beckett was due in August, I wore nothing but skirts from the spring all throughout the summer. That hole stretchy waste band tummy flap thing gives me serious heebie jeebies. I'm going to have to suck it up though because fall is just about here, and my jeans are getting tiiiiight.