Zoo Day

We spent today at the zoo with my mom and sister. The first time I took Beckett he was too small to really know what was going on, this time he was soaking it all in. He attempted saying several animal names (monkey and elephant were the best), and was completely in shock when the tiger started to roar. He must have been impressed though because he really wanted to ride the tiger on the marry-go-round. 

In less exciting news: life has been extremely busy lately! Which is not a bad thing in doses. It seems like work is getting busier, photography season is starting back up (yay!), it's time to begin yard work, and my church responsibilities are keeping me very busy now that I'm in with the young women (which I love). Which would explain my lack of blogging even though Beckett has started saying several hilarious things that I need to write down, and I could have used a mini vent session during his last episode of teething. Just in case things don't slow down soon I need to at least write down on of my favorite things Beckett says right now. When something is gross we usually say, "it's yucky". I'm pretty sure Beckett thinks this is all one word. When he finds something gross or when we're changing his diaper, he turns into a little Italian man with an accent and repeats several times, "eetsa-yucky!!" I don't know where he got an Italian accent from, but I sure love it.