How Do You Know When It's Time For Baby #2?

Not everyone is open to talking about when they are going to have another kid, but I don't mind talking about it. Especially because I don't know when we'll have another, but I think about it all the time. I'm not constantly thinking about how much I want to have another baby, but about how things will be different when we do. How will I have time to do my hair with two kids to get ready? Won't it be nice when Beckett has a sibling to play with? How will I be able to work less and have my expenses go up at the same time? How fat will I get? If I'm as sick as I was the first time, how will I take care of Beckett while being nauseous and having no desire to do anything but watch Netflix all day? Where would the baby's room go? Will we have a girl? What if the next baby has colic? I've finally accepted the fact that this mommy tummy is here to stay and I'm about in as good of shape as I'm going to get, but is my body ready? And the biggest question of all.... how far apart do I want my kids to be? Is closer together better so they have more in common? Is further apart better so they don't fight? Do I want to drag out diapers and the baby stage or just get it over with? Will I need a double stroller? And holy cow, what would we do if we had TWINS? 

The questions go on forever and ever, but I think the most important one is how far apart do I want my kids to be? If you believe in making decisions based on what studies show, then 3 years apart is the "perfect" gap. I have 7 years between me and my next sibling, then 10 years, then 14 years. Although our relationship was a lot different than if we had been born closer together, I remember playing with my siblings for hours. I was the ring leader that organized the mischief and chaos, it was great. Beckett is at the age where he is really enjoying playing with other kids, and it is so nice when he does. But by the time I get pregnant, spend 9 months being pregnant, and then wait for the baby to be old enough to play with Beckett, it seems like he'll be an adult. Not really, but that seems like such a long time! So I should begin now, right? But I'm not ready. Will I ever be ready? Will God have to intervene like he did the first time? Haha..... but seriously. If I can time it perfectly then I can have a baby at the end of the school year, instead of the beginning like last time because that was ROUGH on my job. So I'll just get on Amazon and order a baby 9 months before school gets out. Wait, that isn't how this works?