Welcome To Summer: Where Shirts and Shoes Are Not Required

In a frustrating moment of trying to update my photography blog template, I accidentally deleted this blog's template. All I wanted to do was throw my computer out the window. I loved my old template and it took a few hours to perfect. Now I have not only one blog to fix, but two. So please excuse the current construction this blog is under. I wanted to write something and I didn't want to wait until it's done, and hey who cares, it's practically summer! Summer is a great time for breaking rules, like wearing shirts and shoes. Totally not necessary. 

I have a running list on my phone of fun things I want to do this summer. We've already knocked a few off of the list, but there is so much more! Float the Weber River, kayak, hike to Timpanogos Cave, become badminton champs, motorcycle road trip, camp, camp, and camp some more, etc..... There are also a few not so exciting items: retire the binky and upgrade to a big boy carseat. Oh, and replace working 3 days a week with swimming 3 days a week. School jobs are the best! Especially during the summer months.